What In The Cell Is Going On - 05.19.20

May 19th, 2020

Dr True Ott discussed how corona viruses are not "facultative" - i.e. - cannot be transmitted from person to person, so there is zero need for "social distancing" and face masks.  According to his "terrain" training as a Naturopath and Nutritionist - all corona type respiratory viruses - from NL63 to the common cold - are simply generated within the host cells - but this is KEY - FIRST THEY HAVE TO BE INTRODUCED INTO THE BLOODSTREAM DIRECTLY.  

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 05.05.20

May 5th, 2020

We interviewed Jodi Parker, a homeschooling Mama of 3 and Million Mom Movement Council Member. She has a degree in child psychology/neurology and has been studying holistic health since 2001. Her mission to empower other Mama’s to treat causes rather than symptoms began when her oldest child faced the early stages of liver failure at five months old. Jodi is listed as the “Wellness Warrior” on Purium’s website and we are uniting with them to provide nutrition to mostly children! Please go to ishoppurium.com to sign up and add our gift card code vacinfo to redeem a $50 savings on your first $75 order!!!

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 04.27.20

April 29th, 2020

We interviewed CJ Coston who has the new silver we are replacing in our Creator’s 21-day cellular cleanse! It is the absolute most powerful, most effective, safest, highest rated and most bio-available full spectrum all natural antibiotic available today. Her website is silverorganic.com and her contact information is 719-243-4944, as well as eutorpheanhealth@aol.com if you choose to email.

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 04.20.20

April 21st, 2020

Today’s guest was A. True Ott again, who is REAL doctor of Naturopathy and an amazing researcher with a PhD! His website is meminerals.com and email us at VIC@vacinfo.org to receive his amazing article titled “Weapons of Mass Deception”. He confirmed our previous shows that viruses come from within, not from outside and this propaganda promoted by the media can only affect a compromised immune system! We also discussed the event held this past weekend, which was the world’s satanic elite unleashing an unprecedented “musical extravaganza” in celebration of the power they have over the minds of the whole earth related to the false flag called “Covid19”.


Autism is 1 in at least 28 children today and it’s impossible to have a genetic epidemic, so please learn from our mistake and “Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate!” Visit vacinfo.orgchidvd.com/cell and pHcelltox.com to learn more on the cause and reversal of ALL dis-ease “labels” given by the drug companies.

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 04.16.20

April 16th, 2020

My sister Myriam and I exposed the REAL NEWS that many supporters have helped keep us aware of, oppose to the media news that is heavily funded by the drug companies. We have added much of it on the front page of our vacinfo.org website and will keep it updated as we learn more of what’s really happening in this world today with this CV plandemic!

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 03.31.20

March 31st, 2020

Our guest today is True Ott, who is a researcher and defender of truth! He is the founder of Mother Earth Minerals www.meminerals.com and his name fits him perfectly. He discussed the well coordinated pandemic event201.com that the misinformed masses are not aware of and made it very clear to never accept the coronavirus vaccine! His article “Weapons of Mass Destruction” is on the front of our vacinfo.org website and we are excited to be reconnected with him.  

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 03.17.20

March 17th, 2020

Our guest is a wife and mother of two. She has is an undergraduate medical degree and years of experience in the medical field. She has spent the last seven years learning about natural medicine and advocating for medical freedom! We uncovered the truth beyond truth of what’s happening today with the coronavirus, 5G and nanotechnology!!!   

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 03.09.20

March 9th, 2020

Chris is a father of two who is a small business owner and has served in the military for almost 8 years. He began doing research about vaccinations and allopathic medicine when his wife was pregnant with their first child. It didn’t take long to realize there were some serious concerns with them. He prayed and asked Abba to reveal ALL truth and the journey then started with unveiling the corruption of the worlds governments, chemicals in our food, water and air and many other topics that are lied about to the masses. He and his wife have become passionate about health and protecting others from the dangers that we are exposed to daily. Due to his experience with the military he has become particularly interested in 5G and nanotechnology which is what he is going to be talking about today. 

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 03.02.20

March 5th, 2020

We covered updated information on the CoVid-19 and exposed a video we added to the top of our front page this morning about

this 5G agenda being the trigger that ignites the coronavirus death! We read a couple of Mike Adams (The Health Ranger www.healthrangerstore.com) recent articles from pandemic.news and encourage everyone to keep up to date on what’s REALLY going on with this pandemic!

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 02.17.20

February 18th, 2020

We continued last week’s show giving many ways, including affordable home cellular devises www.chidvd.com/cell to avoid the current coronavirus or “whatever” else “they” choose to call it! We can choose to strengthen our cellular terrain and NOT become a victim of their agenda!!!

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