What In The Cell Is Going On - 08.29.19

August 29th, 2019

Today Joy Garner of The Control Group gives April Renée an analysis of RFK Jr's recent legal activities and religious rights arguments, and how they affect the bigger picture in the vaccine war. 

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 08.20.19

August 20th, 2019

Our guest today was again front line warrior Joy Garner of TheControlGroup.org talking about the recent court battle in New York to stop the elimination of the religious vaccine exemptions and the implications of losing in the Supreme Court. The Control Group is extending the unvaccinated health survey date to October 15th, 2019, so please have everyone you know that has NO vaccines go to her website and fill out her survey! 

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 08.12.19

August 14th, 2019

Ingri Cassel and April Renée discuss the VAERS Project and how to make awareness with stickers, by ordering on their vaclib.org website. We also covered the necessity of “cleansing the temple” a minimum of twice yearly to eliminate many of the toxins injected by our childhood vaccines, as well as what we’ve been exposed to over our lifetime. Plus inexpensive home health equipment to expedite the reversal of any “cellular malfunction”. Please visit vacinfo.org/treatment  and pHcelltox.com for more detail.

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 08.05.19

August 5th, 2019

What happened in New York with Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s attempt to get a temporary emergency order to preserve the religious vaccine exemptions? Renee and Joy discuss some of the details, and why the religious argument in the USA is dead when it comes to vaccines. The Control Group is headed into court with scientific evidence and NUMBERS related to risk factors, numbers that entirely defeat Pharma's entirely unsubstantiated "rare" slogan. Go to TheControlGroup.org to help with this effort. All messages through this site WILL be answered.

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 08.01.19

August 1st, 2019

Today Joy and Renee talk effective strategies for winning the vaccine battle in our current political climate, and how the true "liberals" (freedom-loving Constitutionalists) may turn out to be our best allies. The Control Group is taking this battle to Federal Court soon.  Go to thecontrolgroup.org and see if you can help!


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