What In The Cell Is Going On - 12.31.19

December 31st, 2019

Mary Ellen is the mother of two children with vaccine injury, one being her son that has been “labeled” autistic. She has spent the last 10 years healing him with biomedical and special diet treatments. She is a mental health practitioner and an advocate for parent rights and medical freedom!

Autism 1 in 28 children today and it’s impossible to have a genetic epidemic, so please learn from our mistake and “Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate!” Visit vacinfo.orgchidvd.com/Gary and pHcelltox.com to learn more on the cause and reversal of ALL dis-ease “labels” given by the drug companies.

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 12.23.19

December 24th, 2019

Today’s guest is a mother that was wise enough to not poison her 2 children! She learned from her own previous family reactions, as well as her own when she was a teenager to open her eyes and not allow them to do anything more than the Vitamin K shot to her first child. She has learned that even that shot, which is loaded with aluminum caused havoc on her babies immune system and is sponsoring a walk in Canada soon to bring awareness of the dangers of vaccines to northern Canada!   

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 12.16.19

December 17th, 2019

We discussed with our guest Miriam the details of the several upcoming bills in NJ to mandate all vaccines for children and adults. We exposed the Healthy 2020 agenda the drug companies have already started mandating in other states and plan to continue all across the US. We discovered after this show ended today, S2173 to repeal the religious exemption was pulled. They did not have the votes!

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What In The Cell Is Going On - 12.09.19

December 9th, 2019

We were blessed with Ingri Cassel from vaclib.org as our guest today and we discussed many of the current events surrounding the vaccine chaos. We discovered on the show how divine Father united us, through Ingri’s extremely anointed mother Walene James and how Ingri is continuing her legend. She is truly an amazing woman that has dedicated her life unselfishly, to expose the dangers of the drug companies profit making vaccines!    

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