What In The Cell Is Going On - 04.20.20

April 21st, 2020

Today’s guest was A. True Ott again, who is REAL doctor of Naturopathy and an amazing researcher with a PhD! His website is meminerals.com and email us at VIC@vacinfo.org to receive his amazing article titled “Weapons of Mass Deception”. He confirmed our previous shows that viruses come from within, not from outside and this propaganda promoted by the media can only affect a compromised immune system! We also discussed the event held this past weekend, which was the world’s satanic elite unleashing an unprecedented “musical extravaganza” in celebration of the power they have over the minds of the whole earth related to the false flag called “Covid19”.


Autism is 1 in at least 28 children today and it’s impossible to have a genetic epidemic, so please learn from our mistake and “Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate!” Visit vacinfo.orgchidvd.com/cell and pHcelltox.com to learn more on the cause and reversal of ALL dis-ease “labels” given by the drug companies.

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