What In The Cell Is Going On? - 09.25.18

September 25th, 2018

Our guest today is Dr. Tim O’Shea doc@thedoctorwithin.com and his phone number is 408.753.9830. He is the

Author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization, which has been called the most reliable parents’ guide to vaccines, available in 6 languages. Dr. O’Shea is the creator of thedoctorwithin.com, which is an extensive 15 year website, covering the essence of traditional chiropractic, the vitalistic paradigm, holistic nutrition and detox, vaccines and immunology, Autism detox protocol,  bioterrain analysis, pediatrics, etc. Complete research chapters within these fields. As a well-known author and lecturer, Dr O'Shea's seminars have been widely attended all the world over both by the public and by health professionals. Best known for his comprehensive website on immunity and holistic nutrition, thedoctorwithin.com, O’Shea's seminars on chiropractic philosophy and neurology, vaccines, and detoxification.

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