What In The Cell Is Going On - Ingri Cassel, Director of Vaccination Liberation

April 29th, 2019

Ingri Cassel, Director of Vaccination Liberation talked about the important of the national grassroots VAERS Awareness Project and their big launch nationwide with National Infant Immunization Week (April 29 - May 5.) The first Phase of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Awareness Project is to have every county and state flooded with post-it-notes that highlight the known and reportable injuries that commonly occur after vaccines are administered but seldom reported to the VAERS database. The post-it-note templates are here http://vaclib.org/basic/products/VAERSproject.htm  and a link for ordering them http://www.vaclib.org/basic/products.htm#pads   


Be creative!  Bus stops, gas station pumps, diaper changing tables in restrooms, doors of businesses (with permission), bulletin boards, community centers, etc.  With censorship of our message increasing online, it is important to highlight this relatively unknown government database to highlight that injuries due to routine vaccination is certainly not a rare event.

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